Match Summary Xolos Vs. Mazatlán FC (2-0); Third win in a row

Mexico City /

Tijuana Begins to take direction 2-0 win Mazatlan Already three in a row, they have started to climb the ranks in the table where they are already fourth and coincidentally they have left Sinaloans in serious trouble and have sunk below. of the next table Queretaro.

The Xolos Not only are they playing at home, they are starting to be a spectator and a team to watch out for in the competition and they are at the top of the table because they play practical football. Joaquin Montenzinos It is the soul of crime.

The first half left much to be desired on the border, with both teams completely out of sorts and dangerous performances missing the two goals.

Emotions came as a complementary part, but only from the Xolos side. First an own goal Carlos Guzman He began to give way to the conquest of the border. A shot from Montesinos was deflected by the defender and embedded in the goal Viconis.

The goal that opened the scoreboard completely killed Mazatlán, Caballero’s men lost all idea of ​​the game and Tijuana took full advantage of it and continued to trouble Viconis’ goal, if it wasn’t for him, the scoreboard would have been there. Overweight.

In 73′, Victor Guzman He made history 2-0 in a Xolo shirt, scoring his first goal in the youth first division, and it came in a week when he was on everyone’s lips for a possible switch to football. Turkey with Besiktas.

Tijuana is in fourth place, it’s been a long time since they set foot in that part of the classification, and in the last matches they used to be the team that traveled in the last places; That led to a fine for the Coton schedule.

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