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Telemundo’s moves leave many stars from the small screen behind. behind The departure of Atamari LopezRodner Figueroa and Stuck baby, to name a few, Alix Aspe teamed up with the host of the TV show “La mesa caliente”. The news, of course, shocked his supporters; However, the celebrity decided to reveal what really happened.

The show is hosted by four women who discuss various issues and controversial issues affecting the Latino community. AmericaThe Mexican He has worked on several projects for television networks.

When she was part of Telemundo’s “La Mesa Caliente” (Photo: Alix Aspe / Instagram)


After driving “Hot Table”From February 2022, Alix Aspe ceased to be a member of the cast; Not only that, right Says goodbye to Telemundo. While many thought he was fired, the 32-year-old revealed the real reason.

“The past few weeks have been full of big changes and decisions in my life, and you won’t see me on ‘La Mesa Caliente’ or Telemundo anymore. You know, this is a business and we couldn’t reach an agreement at the time of negotiating my contract.”It started with a video he shared on social networks.

“After eight years at Telemundo, I cherish every experience and every learning. To GG, to all my colleagues who are now my friends and have made this journey wonderful [Giselle Blondet]to Vero [Verónica Bastos] and Mirka [Dellanos] Thanks for being a great example; I love them with all my heart”He added with a loving message to his companions.

The journalist has been with the Telemundo network for eight years (Photo: Alix Aspe / Instagram)

How do you feel after not reaching a deal with Telemundo?

For many followers of “La mesa caliente”, although it is very sad not to see Alix Aspe in the project, The journalist is very quiet and focused on their plans.

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“I’m fine, I’m safe, and so excited about all that’s to come; more eager than ever to take on the world and reach my full potential. Cycles end and cycles begin. For now, we’re still connected and that won’t change. I’m thankful for the messages of support and love. , and return them with all my heart. I love you so much and send you a big kiss.”Accurate.

Telemundo was also informed of the departure of Alix Aspei

Telemundo also noted Driver’s departure and described his work at the television network.

“Alix Aspe has decided to step down from her position as co-host of Telemundo’s afternoon show ‘La Mesa Caliente’. During her time at Telemundo, Alix has held various roles, including hosting the digital show ‘LatinX Now’ and various red carpet specials, always with her dynamic and He connects with the audience with his charismatic personality. We thank him for his contribution to the company and wish him success in his future endeavours.”They pointed out in a statement issued on May 2, 2023.

The Mexican has thousands of followers who will miss seeing her in “La Mesa Caliente” (Photo: Alix Aspe / Instagram).

Will ALIX ASPE stay in America?

On April 8, 2023, Alix Aspe was married to Mexican businessman Diego Petanzo, who was to accompany her to Miami, where Telemundo’s headquarters were located.. “I know Diego [va] Returning to Mexico for work in Miami, but our base will remain in Miami”She pointed out very enthusiastically .

After he left the television network, It is not known if the spouses will remain in Miami or return to Mexico..

His followers’ reaction to his game

Upon hearing the news, his fans took to social media to express their regret at his release.

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“It can’t be! What about Telemundo! You were the updated and technologically youthful side of the desk, you’re so fluid and good at expressing your ideas. I’m going to miss you”, “Wow, another great driver leaving; I can’t believe it”, “Alix you have a Helped: you were superfluous, you shined so much, you will get where you want with your talent, professionalism (…).I think they lose it, they fall far because of their bad decisions.There were some comments.

Personal data of ALIX ASPE

  • Full Name: Alix Aspe
  • birth place: Mexico City
  • Citizenship: Mexican
  • Birthday: January 10
  • Year of Birth: 1991
  • Age: 32 years
  • Instagram:

Message by Adamary Lopez for ALIX ASPE

Adamari Lopez He also ruled on the departure of Alix Aspe from “La Mesa Caliente” and Telemundo. The television host, who left the television network, wished her the best in her career.

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