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2021 was particularly special . Not only did the former Miss Universe win, but thanks to the public vote, “”, But also released a completely updated number. She was always beautiful, but at several kilos she was still spectacular.

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One thing that followers of Venezuela have highlighted on their social networks is where his new image is. Although most of the comments were positive, one person asked me to be honest with him Tell the truth about how you lost weight.

Please tell the truth: How did you lose 11 kg in such a short period of time? Being ball or baria style, I don’t think it’s diet. Tell me to do that now “Written by a user.

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After that, the famous actress and producer did not hesitate to respond to him and should be as honest as possible to avoid any speculations. Through his response, he clarified what was actually done to get the updated image.

Beauty queen and actress Alicia Machado attended the Metropolitan Fashion Week Closing Gala and Awards on October 1, 2016 at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California (Photo: Robin Beck / AFP)

What is the truth behind the new image of Alicia Machado?

He clarified that he lost weight only after a rigorous procedure. “My doctor Miguel Cove can explain my 13 week diet to lose that kilo. Not all are operating rooms!”, He pointed out.

Recall, during a live broadcast, the former beauty queen said how viewers appreciate her transformation. “I lost 11 kg, not 12, because it’s sad to say I lost 12 kg. A woman who was already at the airport today, a very beautiful, woman who received me, said that I should do my diet and call it ‘Alice from the House of Famous’. Then I say my notes “.

In addition, he said why he looks spectacular on his social networks, Where she was seen with tight dresses to highlight her figure.

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Former Miss Universe shows off after losing over 11kg (Photo: Alicia Machado / Instagram)
Former Miss Universe shows off after losing over 11kg (Photo: Alicia Machado / Instagram)

“I’m happy with my shapeware. You have to see all the amazing products that women who want to be more beautiful than ever have for us.He wrote in a post where he posed with a black belt to help shape his body more.

In this way, Machado recognized that in addition to the strict diet he follows, as shown on his Instagram account, the ribbons he uses help to highlight his figure.

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The winner "Home of celebrities" Wearing a ribbon to further shape her image (Photo: Alicia Machado / Instagram)
The winner of “The House of Famous” wears a ribbon which helps to further shape his image (Photo: Alicia Machado / Instagram)
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