Alfredo attacks Adam Rocio Bangles and tells her everything!

Alfredo Adam Nothing was saved and when questioned by his ex-nephew, Rocio Bankels, Exploded against her and told her everything!

This happened at the end of the election campaign of the actor of the Progressive Social Network Party, where Alfredo was questioned by the ‘Sism No Like’ project. The singer’s comments against him, While at a political event, the actor lost his temper after insulting motorists.

In this regard, Alfredo said: “Well, she’s one Fake girl, A woman Dishonest, A woman LambisconaThat’s what Rocio Bankels is all aboutWhat can you ask Rocio Bangles? Fraud, liar, myth”, Exploded.

He continued, now describing himself, “I am real, I am true”, Denied.

At the end of the campaign at the Monument to the Revolution, he celebrated Alfredo’s vote as Talaban’s federal deputy. Despite the video that went viral In it he insults people who traveled by car at the beginning of his campaign.

This is how Alfredo Adam erupted against Rocio Bangles:

About her Acting career he said,There it stands and is pendingNow that there is no work in Mexico, tell me which actor is working, I think Gabriel Choto only works, everyone else? Before Televisa 16 made soap operas all at once, now it produces 1, it goes bankrupt, they have no money to produce”, He concluded.

Alfredo calls Adam Rogo Banquells Lombiscona

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