Alfredo Adam was arrested for insulting the journalist

Famous Mexican actor Alfredo Adam Unfiltered, he once again found himself in controversy for his unique style of expressing himself.

The artist participated in the fourth edition of the reality show “Famous House” (Telemundo) made news again this Friday after being accused of verbally assaulting a journalist.

Known as “The Golden Boy”, he shared the event through his Instagram account. In a video, he mentioned that he would be without a phone for a few hours as he was sent to the “Torito” Center for Administrative Sanctions and Social Integration.

“I'm going to El Torito, a temporary detention center in Mexico City. Because I have to spend six hours I lied to my mother to a journalist And the judge arrested me for six hours. So, right now I have to voluntarily spend six hours on Torito,” he laughed. “If they don't hear from me in the morning, I won't be in touch until the afternoon. “I'm going to Torito alone.”

According to entertainment portal TV Y Novelas, the insulted journalist Gustavo Adolfo InfanteOn the show “Sale El Sol”, he said he was arrested for offending him and his mother.

“It was because of insults against my mother and against a server. They arrested him by order of the controlling judge for not complying with the measures they imposed for continuously assaulting and humiliating my mother and me,” said Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

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The actor, who has a solid acting career, has been involved in various scandals including street fights and beating others.

During her time at “La Casa de los Famosos,” she initially caused controversy when she rejected a Puerto Rican businessman. Maribili. But later he showed himself to be one of its main defenders.

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