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Yesterday though Alexander Callens He went to watch the National Volleyball League in Villa El Salvador, his present is still connected to soccer and he could make a big leap in the Spanish competition.

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According to transfer expert journalist Gianluca Di Marzio, Callens is on the radar Girona And since he has a pass card, it will be easier to negotiate.

It must be remembered that the 30-year-old defender already played for Real Sociedad ‘B’ and Numancia in Spain between 2011 and 2017. Another interest would be through the Callens Feyenoord of Netherlands.

The university behind the colonnades

The other is big pay. In recent days, we’ve seen how football country is shaking at the impending announcement Carlos Zambrano A . Meringue fans, deep in their hearts, felt that this level of reinforcement is very good for the Meringue team, which has resulted in success this season. Finally, reach a craving and almost a frenzy.Star 27′, which has been elusive for ten years.

It seemed that after recruitment Alex Valera, integrations have ended, something special has arisen, and it has occurred in a different environment. A chance arose in the last hours which could equal what his noble rival had done so far.

It all started from within Is it home?Teacher Juan ReynosoThe central defender expressed his concern when the coach of the Peruvian team learned that the days were moving. Alexander Callens Couldn’t find a group yet. He considers him an important figure in his plan with La LaRed and white‘He knows that time is running out, in a couple of months they will already start the playoffs and we have to make up for lost time.

A player without competition is useless even if he has great conditions. Thus, he requested that the center be found. The conversation was clear: although he knows that he can play, is active and has many opportunities or interested clubs, the main thing is that he defines his future and thinks only about hitting the ball.

It was at this stage that the cream team leaders raised their hands and approached the central Salako. They expressed their desire to keep him for the first 6 months of the year, he defends the colors in the company of the ‘Copa Sudamericana’ and he can find his best position and showcase it in the Merengue shirt.

The football player does not answer, he only listens and analyzes the possibilities, but he has the voice of the teacher who wants to engage in the football issue, he already wants to work and is ready for introduction, those around him say. His signing of the meringues is a good way for him to continue working on his game.

The next few days are decisive and the answer is eagerly awaited, while the fans of ‘U’ are hoping for an illusory conclusion. They know that a small candle for ‘Lolo’ Fernandez won’t do much to fulfill the illusion of seeing the defender covered in head-to-toe cream.

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