Alex Speitzer attacks Balasuvelos for his political ambitions

A few days ago, the actor and businessman Robert Palasuvelos After registering as, he made his political aspirations official Front candidate To do Quintana Ru State Government.

However, the so-called political manifestationOr ‘black diamond’Divides opinions, because some support and celebrate him, others attack him, such is the case Alex Speitzer.

Through his social networks, the protagonist ‘Dark desire’ He told him that goodwill was needed more than goodwill to deal with the problems facing our country: “Roberto, Mexico is experiencing important moments in which we do not have enough confidence to solve the problems we are going through.”Speitzer wrote in response to one of Palasuvelos’ messages.

Also, the ex-boyfriend of the beautiful Esther Exposito, asked her co-worker Change your mindOK You have no training or experience. To play such an important position: “I want to reflect on your candidacy. We need ready and exemplary people. You do not agree on either of these.”Sentenced.

So far, Balasuvelos has not responded to the young man’s message; However, many Internet users spoke in support of Alex’s words: “Well said, if all the Mexican people think this, there will not be so many parasites in government”, “The best call for reflection, I hope you will take into account”, “Very true, we do not need actors like politicians; we need people who are fit for politics” Here are some ideas that can be read.

Alex Speitzer

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