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Flower pot, glasses and scissors. Oil on canvas. 113 x 119 cm

The painter Alejandro Aliza, who belongs to the generation of the 70s, is one of the most important figurative artists in our midst and on April 3 he will open a solo exhibition at the Forum Gallery (1150 Larco Street, Miraflores)

With this exhibition, the Forum begins its celebrations of the 50th anniversary of its founding. “Alejo Alaiza has been with us since his beginnings as a painter, and his extensive oeuvre over fifty years has been characterized by an intense insistence on the pictorial craft, the study of the use of light through colour.”

As subjects, Maestro Aleiza always chose to depict everyday scenes on his canvases – still lifes, landscapes, figures, flowers – “which appear simple, deceptively naive.”

His works through strict and solid composition, play of light and details of color-laden palette, created the magic of painting, which is his passion; Each stroke builds an aesthetic space, against light-filled backgrounds.

“Through the light that permeates his paintings, especially in those blue colors that range from turquoise to dark, we can discover in his paintings the atmosphere of a world that goes beyond the daily reality that his work seems to depict. Alissa starts from simplicity to create a work of art, and studies drawing meticulously.” .

Latin candle. Oil on canvas. 106×100 cm

Artist Riccardo Vizzi describes Alissa’s work as follows: “Her unique style comes from the observation of (true) nature with a view of subjectivity, which clings to an innocence that is jealously defended. Eliza myths, remembers, contemplates, dreams,

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He decides as he moves the sticky material across the canvas, lighting the tones, shading them, and transferring them to the canvas. Confident in his intuition, he combines primitive echoes of Italian painting and popular American painting of the pre-Renaissance era.

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