Alejandra Espinosa’s husband reveals symptoms that keep the driver in the hospital

Model Alejandra Espinosa was hospitalized with a stroke to the faceThis was stated by the host Francisco Laczel on the show ‘Desperate America’.

Editor of ‘Neustra Bellosa Latina’ He released a soft message from his son Matteo and worried his followers and friends. You can see he was wearing a bracelet, in which It was read that he had been in the hospital since last October 3rd.

Instagram Capture Alejandra Espinosa / Courtesy

So Lacsabell decided to contact Anabal Marrero, the husband of the former beauty queen, who wrote the following through Watch:

“I felt bad for several weeks … three days ago He lost some sight in one eye, and a part of his right face became paralyzed, We immediately rushed her to the hospital with dizziness and severe headache. Doctors said he had a mini stroke. They started doing a thousand scans and a thousand tests, nothing came out, everything was fine, contrary to the diagnosis ”.

Alejandra Espinosa / Mexico Company

Alejandra Espinosa / Mexico Company

Likewise, Francesca revealed some details about Espinosa’s current status, thanks to another message Murro sent her. “They keep doing a thousand experiments so they can’t figure out what it is. She is fine, her mouth is slightly twisted (bent), she has lost a little sight, she is relaxing., And despite three more trials to reject, we still do not know what is wrong with him. “

In the same way, in the morning they met Elizabeth Lopez, Alejandra’s best friend confirmed this information and said that everyone is still worried Apparently the cause of espinosa to the neurological chapter is not yet known exactly.

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