According to Antonio Almondo, Ponta Catalina works “at full capacity” and is not responsible for the darkness.

Another ship from Puerto Bolivar, Colombia 60 ships,000 Tons of coal will arrive through the hole at the Punta Catalina Thermoelectric Power Station this Thursday. So both units are running continuously and deliver power to the system at full capacity.

Energy and Mining Minister Antonio Almonde provided the information during an interview with CDN on the Desperado project, explaining that coal from Colombia was the result of talks with officials at the country’s highest level. At the beginning of the year ..

According to the company, Almonde explained that of the total 300,000 tonnes of coal coming from that country, 60,000 tonnes would be the second of five coal exports.

“We have enough coal to continue production and Ponta Catalina has been working at full capacity for several days. Ponta Catalina is not responsible for some of the blackouts that occur in places and communities in the country, But they have to do maintenance work or overload some circuits, ”he said.

Almondo said the Dominican government, despite the international fuel crisis, will ensure that it has enough fuel in the near future, in the short term.

“This afternoon there is a meeting with seven representatives of the new renewable energy projects, whose contracts are due to be signed next week, which will add up to a total of 600 to 700 MW, which will further increase the power supply,” he said. . To the mountain.

He noted They work tirelessly, so next year, especially in the summer, the country will have electricity reserve capacity There is more now than just getting enough energy if a plant goes inactive.

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President Louis Abinader said the decision was to improve the country’s largest possible power generation capacity.

“The country’s economy has no future if electricity is not provided continuously, which is why we work to fully meet the demand, in addition to the energy reserve that covers us in the event of a plant going out under any circumstances.” He urged Engineer Almonde.

He noted that the energy reserve should be at least the production capacity of the country’s largest plant, i.e. about 400 MW.

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