Dragonite meteor shower will reach its maximum peak this Friday: How to see it?


7 October 2021 16:38 GMT

The sky view is expected to allow one star in the free fall every 4 minutes.

Astronomers will soon be able to experience the meteor shower known as the ‘Dragonites’ which will reach its peak this Friday.

The celestial show is visible From across the Northern Hemisphere, As well as the area near the equator and even More burial areas of the Southern Hemisphere (Up to latitude 10s)

This event occurs in the first days of October each year, when the Earth orbits the Sun every 6 years and 3 months as it orbits the 21P / Geogopini-Zinner comet.

Dragonites are expected to make it possible to see One star in the free fall every 4 minutes In Dragon’s constellation, it owes its name.

The best time to do that would be immediately After dark, Light pollution free and desirable from areas with clear skies.

It is convenient to dedicate between 15 to 20 minutes so that the vision is dark, comfortable and, above all, handle yourself patiently, remember Web Home Cnet.

This meteor shower is less rapid compared to Perseid, which leaves more time for those who believe in the well-known superstition to make a choice.

In addition, the event will coincide in a timely manner with the Orionites, which will emerge from the Orion galaxy from October 2, respectively, increasing in intensity until the nights of the 20th and 21st of that month.

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