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Alejandra Espinosa described the difficult situation she faced when she was just a few days ago Admitted to Miami Hospital, Because the neurologist who treated her gave her one Misdiagnosis I hope I can suffer Multiple sclerosis, According to the editor of Nigestra Bellosa Latina, on the show ‘Between Sisters’, something completely far from reality.

On October 6, her husband, Anapal Murrero, confirmed Was admitted to a Mexican hospital A possible “Stroke”. But this October 9, the former beauty queen resolved her doubts in her new episode of the podcast, to which she named: ‘What I Lived: The days in the hospital were very strong.’

It started when her husband Anbal felt it Only part of her face was smiling “The other is completely serious,” he said, but the presenter didn’t pay attention to it because he didn’t provide pain. Fear came when he started Loss of vision in the right eye. When he got to the emergency room, they said it might be a stroke.

Espinosa had a bad experience in the hospital because the doctor who treated her misdiagnosed her: “The truth is. I went to the very worst doctorThat’s the truth, “he told the Podcast.

To the conductor Our Latin beauty They did a series of tests, but the specialist’s results may have been wrong: “He was a bad neurologist because he started giving me medicine like he gave me. Epilepsy attack“The first diagnosis they gave him was possible Multiple sclerosis “I think that’s where things are going,” were the words the doctor gave him.

Alejandra faced difficult times when she lived with uncertainty about her health: “All in all, everything the doctor did. That is negligence“, He said definitively ‘between sisters’.

“I don’t know what to say, all the choices are good, he told me:‘ Where things are going ’, it was bad, Nothing was positive, everything was negative. I have no pain, I have no comfort carbon, what makes me worse is the medicine. It was a very difficult week, but not because I saw it, but because I had a bad physique, ”he explained.

Alejandra searched for one Second medical opinion It calmed her down as her fear vanished.

“Mine is a quiet single headache”He explained. “I do not have pain, however, migraine can become very dangerous, that migraine made me sick, it made me sick Two day stroke. This is not a normal single headache, a lot of people do. “

The Univision presenter told his followers to pay attention if there was any pain. “One cannot take it lightly, one must even know of a headache. You must honestly take care of what is not normal for your body.”


The hard part of your experience

In addition to the uncertainty of not knowing what he has, seeing the care of his loved ones is one of the most difficult things he has experienced in hospital.

“The Bad moments I looked at them and talked to them (their parents), I knew through their heads, could not be with Matteo, looking at the face of love, I felt very powerless. “

Alejandra is currently recovering from a migraine episode, however, one of the studies showed she had Thyroid nodule, For which you need to undergo further tests to treat.

“When they examined me at the hospital, they found that I had a thyroid nodule. I had to check it. It had nothing to do with what happened to me, but I also had to check my thyroid,” he explained.

“Every thing that happens to us in life is a lesson in what we should do, what happened to me, honestly, the lesson it left me will always be the most important thing my familyHe said on the podcast.

“I’m honest I am relaxed, I’m so happy to be home here, I’m so happy to be back to my normal life now, I’m so happy to have my parents here, “he concluded.

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