The history of Seco Perez in France is already over

Its placement in the Formula 1 French Grand Prix calendar comes in the midst of big questions for number eight, but what is clear is that Mercedes and Red Bull are the teams to win.

Proved it in qualifying this Saturday, there’s a moment Max Verstappen Y Sergio “Seco” Perez They dominated the front row, but it came Songs Y Hamilton In the second row of the phase in the French circuit this Sunday, the Mexicans were knocked out and sent to fourth.

Coming to the Seco platform on the French GPU?

Round though Paul Rickard, In this last decade Formula 1 This is practically new because the return to the calendar occurred in 2018, when not in 10 years.

Here Czech Two races held due to an epidemic did not yield the best results Canceled in 2020. Compared to his stats, they are all positive this weekend because in 2018 he dropped to 27th lap of 53, and in 2019 he was out of the top 10, in 12th place, both results Racing Point.

If we compare it Mercedes, Being his closest competitor, has something to take care of Lewis Hamilton He is the champion in the last two races. Also, there will be two more winners on stage: Kimi R்கikknen In 2007 Ferrari Y Fernando Alonso In 2005 Renault, But now his period is light years away, however you should never underestimate the rival, the Spanish team will be less when wearing colors Alpine, The French team that will compete at home and start ninth.

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The biggest difficulty?

Will be important for a start Czech, Knows how to beat even one Mercedes Will give you a foothold to climb Verstappen, Because Azerbaijan G.P. He proved to be a good skier to his partner.

Another difficult thing to always have is taking care of the tires, especially since there are some round Controversial ‘yellow sausage’ In practice it is possible if the restrictions and car car that was the dream of some people are crossed Causing severe damage By passing them by.

In addition, this controversial issue of how the boundaries of the path should be marked is linked to another Blue, red and white exteriors They are found all over the French roundabout, and if a car hits the lines, the tires will deform quickly and we already know what it will end up with.

Under the circumstances, we can say that Guadalajara has everything to stay within Top 5, But no respect for iron, surprises are always welcome Red bull, Christian Horner Getting motivated by getting the team’s first pole France Believe it Czech Get a good result as it brings rhythm பாகு There he won.

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