Alejandra Espinosa condemns medical negligence

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Alejandra espinosa He said he was afflicted by a very bad neurologist who failed to diagnose her properly, which made the days in the hospital a dream come true. When Web light He co-starred with his sister Tamaris Jimenez “Between Sisters”, Chronologically described the horrible days the beauty queen lived in the hospital.

The moment Anbal (her husband) came home from work on Monday night and smiled she realized that only one side of my face was doing her job and the other was not. He is in no pain and that is why I did not take action, “he explained. The next day he resumed his normal life and took his son Matteo out of school.

“I was scared until I started to lose my eyesight. I went to the emergency room on Tuesday afternoon because they told me I might have a heart attack,” the presenter said, revealing that his dream had just begun there.

“The truth is, I saw a very bad doctor. I go to the emergency room and they do all the tests. He asks me if there are, “I think things are going where,” he told me.

“Do you know what happened in my head at that time? All the doctor did was indifference, I have a written list of what he did,” he said, and admitted that the most difficult thing was how much his family cared.

“The worst moments were talking to my parents, not being with Medio. When I saw the face of love, I knew what was going on in their head. I felt so powerless. Those days were so strong.”

According to Espinosa, 34, all her tests went well, but the neurologist’s predictions worried her. “I think things are going on here. The doctor told me that everything was so negative. I had no pain or comfort. The medicine they gave me made me very sick. It was a very difficult week, I saw it, not because I had a bad physique,” he explained later. Quiet, painless single headache, he needs more tests, but it’s fine.

“I really believe in the power of prayer. Maybe the diagnosis is bad and I believe prayer changed it. I’m so thankful. I’m still trying to understand what God has to learn from this,” he stressed.

The Neustra Bellosa is the former queen of Latina, In all their tests, it was reported that they found a thyroid nodule “It has nothing to do with what happened to me, but I need to check it. I have a lot of hope that everything will be fine. I am fine and calm, I am happy to be home and I can return to my normal life. ”

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