Airlines agree to transfer 204 operations from AICM to AIFA-L Financiro

Mexico Airlines has agreed with the federal government to transfer 204 daily operations from Mexico City International Airport to the newly opened Philip Angels Airport, so the order restricting flights at AICM will no longer exist, the Undersecretary of Transportation said. , Rogelio Jimnez Pons.

In an interview with El Financiero, the official explained that until July, Aeroméxico had explained that it would convert 30 routes to -60 operations – AIFA, while Volaris agreed to convert 20 routes to -40 operations – and 10 routes would be shipped from AICM. Santa Lucia by VivaAerobus.

“All cargo will be converted, which will take four or five months. There will be 30 cargo planes and charters daily, eight daily flights, two foreign airlines, one aircraft each, so there are more than 102 aircraft, i.e. 204, daily operations because they are touring aircraft”, he said. Jimenez Pons added.

About, Aeroméxico has announced that it will increase its flights to Philip Angels International Airport (AIFA) in the second half of August. It will also have 30 daily routes (or 60 operations) by the end of October, providing 1.5 million seats next year.

The move follows concerns raised by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) The risk of plane crashes has increased Against the ground or other obstruction.

The deal is in line with the government’s plan to modify the mandate, which is expected to be released in the coming months, and send 25 percent of AICM’s operations to Philip Angels Airport, which now has only 13 day operations.

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The project is expected to last a year, after which about 250 operations will be relocated from the capital’s airport to Santa Lucia and Toluca airport.

“There is no longer an order, the president himself said there is no order, so they are not saying we are not taxing,” Jimenez Pons pointed out.

The agreement was sealed after a meeting with Interior Secretary Adon Augusto Lopez on Monday, who reached a consensus with the airlines to implement the plan.

Jimenez dismissed that as a reason to change the functions of the phonesSaturday’s incident at AICM, Perform the procedure of circling in the presence of another aircraft on the runway designated for one aircraft to land.

The official said Moving only 25 percent of operations is a conservative figureBecause it can move up to 35 percent.

The purpose of this project is to carry out adaptation work at AICM and to provide critical mass to AIFA and to destabilize the airport. When I start assessing how highly AICM has been completed, from the entry for the Under-Secretary, 25 per cent is a conservative estimate, ”he added.

Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry (SECOP) said in a statement that national and international airlines will maintain their seats – landing and departure times during the summer, but since August 15, there has been a significant increase in flights from Philip Angels International. airport.

Chekhov explained that airlines have been in debt to AICM for more than a year They have to leave the premises airport And transfer its functions to another terminal.

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If so, Interjet would be the airline that would have to pay more than 2 billion pesos in fuel for airports and ancillary services.

In this first phase, it seeks to have more than 100 flights daily, while the second phase will begin on September 15, completing the 204 operations indicated by the Under-Secretary of Transportation.

With these new guidelines, AICM will not be allowed entry of new aircraft and no increase in operations beyond the already approved locations this summer.

Problems with phrases

Although the ‘move’ of flights to AIFA did not respond to incidents reported last year after the redesign, the official acknowledged that on flights from Canada, there were problems with the use of phrases used by groups to communicate. America and Europe.

Thus, when Mexican regulators give a hint, foreign pilots understand another, which has serious implications when dealing with actions that should be subject to loss of security.

“These are dangerous details, because they suddenly go right or up, there are those codes in the redesign, they all have to be submitted for review, we have to start reviewing the design in detail, it all worked,” he said.

In this sense, work schedules have been set up with Airbus subsidiary NavBlue to guarantee the interaction of airlines, pilots, controllers and three airports in the Valley from Mexico. : AICM, Toluca and AIFA.

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