Agriculture issues a resolution implementing the Zero Ratio Act for agricultural imports

The Ministry of Agriculture, through the Agricultural Import Authority, has issued a resolution for implementation. Law 6-22 That is Zero import tax Family basket making products.

Resolution no. 03/2022 Provides those interested in importing agricultural products to apply through the Foreign Trade Single Window (VUCE).

Specific provisions for products such as poultry, powdered milk, fresh garlic and beans, and specific provisions for quantities to be imported under the particular Act.

Import licenses will not exceed 90 calendar days.

Those interested in seeking zero-ratio approval for the above products should submit their request in writing to the Agricultural Import Authority through the Department of Agriculture and Livestock Development, Import Permits of the Ministry of Agriculture. Request at VUCE.

Says approvals Requests will be made without prejudice to health needs Required by competent authorities.

You can check Resolution 03-2022 The Commission provided the following link

For any required information, Department of Agriculture and Livestock Development, Import Permits, please send a query to the following email address: [email protected] or telephone number. 809-547-3888, ext.1082.

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