Against America. Pachuka – Competition Report – May 16, 2021

MEXICO CITY – The United States fell head-to-head in an emotional battle in the quarterfinals against Pacquiao. Tujos also had the strength and luck needed to beat the Eagles in Liquila. The total was 5-5, but in Azteca the score was 4-2 with goals from Roger Martinez, Luis Fuentes and Leonardo Suarez, as well as goals from Romario Ibra and Gustavo Cabral.

The Eagles were dealt a blow four minutes into the match. They fell victim to the speed and power of Romario Ibra, who avoided Sebastian Koseros with a simple movement of his body, faced Guillermo Ochoa, and the goalkeeper won by a cross shot.

Liguila has become a natural habitat for feathers, for example they sell so much for failure. The United States recovered with a controversial penalty. A shot from Richard Sanchez, at 15 ‘, hits the hand of Jorge Hernandez. Fernando Guerrero refused to reconsider the move in the VAR and scored a penalty, which was first transferred to Roger Martinez Azulgrimas.

Although the team had an overall advantage of 2-4, Tucson suffered from pressure. They began to fall foul and complaints on the central referee, while America held the ball, while Roger Martinez took the baton of attacking football.

The same Colombian, 27, sent a cross to the second post, where Luis Fuentes appeared, who directed the volleyball with his left foot, which left Oscar Ustari, a goalkeeper, with little chance of hitting the grass before hitting the nets.

The Eagles equalized 4-4 with a goal from 53 from Roger Martinez. America’s ‘9’ took a powerful right foot shot from outside that area. The Oscar user started himself and reached to touch the ball, but the round goal hit the post to cross the line.

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Pachuka took 56 minutes to knock Guillermo Ochoa’s door again, and he did it with a weak shot from Roberto de la Rosa. However, in ’62, Pujo Valdes was fined in favor of Tussos for a part. Gustavo Cabral scored from eleven steps and returned the advantage to Hidalgo on the global scoreboard.

America never gave up and didn’t know that word for 90 minutes. Instead, being down on the scoreboard fed his predatory nose. So he 5-5, 73 ‘, with a powerful left-footed shot from Leonardo Suarez, in which he had no shot option, but he surprised Oscar Ustari and put the ball in the corner.

When the United States needed a goal to advance to the semifinals, Oscar Ustari dressed up as a hero and put an end to the Eagles ’aspirations that fought until the last moment. After the header from Roger Martinez, Tussos stretched the maximum to save his goal.

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