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Today, on the morning of October 19, the National Baseball Commission (CNB) officially announced a series of changes to the baseball exam. It will be held from November 25 to December 5 as announced On Jith’s note.

The above publication refers to, from Initial package announced In the first days of October, with a total of 27 players, infielder Darlene Luis Jimenez (GRA) and outfielder Christian de Jesus Lopez (HAB) both left the team because they did not appear at the called concentration.

In the case of Christian, as We reported yesterday, He fled the country to the Dominican Republic and is already looking for a future in professional baseball, while being a young man from Granma it is suspected that something similar is happening with Darlin to the Yosimer Cason or Junior Tour cases. Caused an unexpected drop from pay to the U23 World CupA few hours before leaving for Mexico.

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Following Jit’s note, the site reports that five more players have joined the pre-selection: catcher Pedro Pablo Revilla (GTM), infielder Carlos Rafael Rodriguez (LDU), allfielders Alejandro Javier Escobar (SSP) and Roberto Albare (SBP) GTM).

In this way, the team made up of a total of 30 young Cuban baseball prospects, from where the team will depart for the Pan-American tournament in Galle-Vale 2021, with 4 receivers, 8 infielders, 5 outfielders and a total of 13 pitchers.

Overall, 12 of the 16 teams in the National Baseball Series are represented on the team. Villa Clara is the team with the highest number of players in the five-man selection, four in Pinar del Rio and Mayapec, three in Cyanfugos and Madanzas, two in Los Tunas, two in Granma and Guantanamo, one in Industrial (Havana) and one in Chico de Evila and Chao There is only. The provinces of Isla de la Juventud, Holgun, Gamage and Artemisa are vacant.

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In addition, 7 of the 12 players returning to Cuba from the U23 World Cup were invited, including receiver Andre Perez (MTZ), infielder and allfielder Guillermo Garcia (GRA) and pitcher Nicole Cruz (MTZ), Kelpis Rodrண்டguez (GR) , Frank Abel Alvarez (PRI) and Marlon Vega (MAY). The other five did not meet the age requirement of the Pan American competition.

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Without further ado, here I leave you with the most controversial and questionable, re-enabled choice. Ariel Sanchez, Who has been in the news in recent months, is probably more than his entire playing career with Shanti Spirits and team Cuba.


Recipients (4): Andre Perez (MTZ), Jorge Joan Rojas (PRI), Ariel Bestano Jr. (VCL) and Pedro Pablo Revilla (GTM).

Infielders (8): Guillermo Garcia (GRA), Tony Gerra (PRI), Javier Carrabio (MAY), Adrian Rivera (CFG), Juan Carlos Lopez (VCL), Riddle Petraza (VCL), Christian Rodriguez (VCL) and Carlos

Gardeners (5): Ryder Martinez (PRI), Autonial Gonzalez (VCL), Taylor Pena Torres (LTU), Alejandro Javier Escobar (SSP) and Roberto Alvarez (MDZ).

Initiators (13): Nigel Cruz (MTZ), Kelpis Rodriguez (GRA), Jose Eduardo Santos (SSP), Frank Abel Alvarez (PRI), Marlon Vega (MAY), Andy Molina (HAB), Joswani லோ Valos (CAV), Luis.

Infielders referred to as Guillermo Garcia (GRA), Javier Carrabio (May), Riedel Petrasa (VCL) Can also be played outdoors.

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