After finding a man who survived by eating a can of ketchup, Haynes is ready to give him a new can.

(CNN) — After enlisting the public’s help in finding Elvis Francois, a sailor who was lost at sea for weeks in ketchup and other condiments, ketchup company Heinz plans to finally find him and gift him a new ship.

On February 14, the company posted a request for help on social media, saying they were trying to get in touch with Francois.

The Dominica-born sailor made headlines in January after 24 days adrift in the Caribbean Sea. After being rescued by the Colombian navy, Francois, 47, told authorities he survived by mixing ketchup, garlic powder and Maggi bouillon cubes in water.

Haynes told CNN on Monday that he found Francois with the help of local journalists in Dominica who worked for the EmoNews publication. The company had previously said it hoped to present him with a “new, state-of-the-art vessel” to celebrate his safe return.

“We were able to get in touch with him and discuss how we can best help him and his family,” a Haynes representative told CNN. “We (Haines) and Elvis are currently working out the logistics of presenting him with his new boat.”

The company emphasized the important role social media played in locating the sailor.

“Anyone who shares, likes or comments on the brand’s post has played an important role in finding Elvis and helped expand the reach,” Haynes said.

Francois was on the island of St. Martin in December when his boat was pulled overboard. He told Colombian authorities that he had no knowledge of navigation to return to sea and that he had been lost at sea for 24 days. According to Colombian officials, he was rescued after a plane spotted his sailboat with the word “help” emblazoned on it.

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