Adams says there is “no place” to house immigrants

new york mayor, Eric AdamsThis wed mentioned that there is no place No Resources To respond to immigrants who arrive in the city to seek asylum, but assure that they will continue to be offered asylum because the laws require it.

“There is no extra space in the hotel, but local law here requires that we provide shelter and continue to move in the right direction,” Adams said, adding that the situation has “affected the quality of life in New York.”

The New York mayor appears to be hardening his stance on immigration by saying that cities “won’t have to” deal with the surge in immigrant numbers, which he’s seen as a federal issue.

Adams’ comments came a day after he revealed that he learned Colorado’s Democratic governor, Jared Polis, would “send immigrants to places like New York City and Chicago.”

Which he described as “unfair to local governments”.

Demand reform of the immigration system

Adams told radio station WABC that it was “a national matter,” but warned that it was not just the responsibility of the federal government but also the legislature and urged immigration reform.

When we think about immigration reform, we’ll also need Congress’s help […] I think the President is obligated to address immediate concerns. But when we talk about immigration, it will take a combination of the executive and the legislature. “We have to address this,” said the mayor.

in October Eric Adams He declared a state of emergency in New York because of the number of immigrants the city has taken in, mainly due to the arrival of buses sent by conservative states like Texas in protest of Biden’s immigration policies.

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The mayor also asked the federal government for $1 billion to pay for immigrant housing and services.

Since the spring of 2022, New York has received 35,700 immigrants and more than 24,000 have been housed in 68 emergency shelters and processing centers, according to the most recent official tally.

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