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Being a mystery within a file neutron stara team of scientists from Goethe University in Frankfurt, metaphorically explaining that chocolate bonbons will help in their understanding, also say that they saw that there were two such.

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According to several studies, Neutron stars are the remnants or what remains of a giant star whose core has run out of fuel to keep it burning. Even this has been reviewed by scientists as the densest object in the universe.

Now, according to scientists at Goethe University, there are two types of neutron stars, and they say that some have a hard core and a soft mantle, while others have a soft core and a hard mantle.

So they explain it Those with a hard core and a soft cap are similar to almond chocolate, with dry fruit inside, surrounded by smoother chocolate. And that those with a soft core and a hard cap have a creamy center, surrounded by a tighter chocolate finish.

However, although this metaphor can help understand the mystery of what’s inside a neutron star, he cautioned that not everything is known about what’s inside it yet.

It is worth noting that before this study, scientists knew this and kept in mind There are some heavy neutron stars, whose mass is more than 1.7 times the mass of the Sun, and other light stars whose mass is less than that. Thanks to that, and by modeling more than a million equations of state, scientists have been able to describe these centers as chocolate-like. Those with pralines, with dried fruit in the middle, will be light, and those with a creamy center will be heavy.

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