Adamari Lopez mocks bad decisions made in love, implicitly Tony Costa?

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Adamari Lopez He has been enjoying his single life and he has shown it on Instagram where he regularly posts funny posts which also generate various expectations.

For his part, his former partner, Tony CostaRecently joined “Famous House” And on the reality show he has already made some important confessions about himself Love story with Adamari Lopez But he also spoke About their controversial division.

Knowing these statements, Adamari Lopez He released a reel that seemed like a reference to his daughter’s father, and in it he gestured with a specific phrase: “If there’s anything in this life that I am so sure of, it’s where I keep my eyes. Oh! It’s not there. Never.”

Is Adamari Lopez implicitly sending Tony Costa?

For the video, Adamari Lopez To finish off her red dress with a collar, she wrote the sentence: “Who else needs to sharpen their target?”

In this regard, Puerto Rican received comments Directly related to Tony Costa: He has received comments such as “I want to see a man older than you”, “The last one is charming”, “Husbands go wherever you put your eye”.

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