Actor Chris Evans’ answer on whether he will date Shakira after splitting from PQ


Chris EvansThe 40-year-old famous American actor talked about the controversial split between them Shakira Y PQ. The man who gives life Captain America He was surprised to see memes circulating on social networks with the Colombian in an interview.

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In conversation with ‘Despierta America’, Chris Evans He also talked about Disney’s next release, the ‘Bus Lightyear’ tape and the connection between them. Henry Cavill (Superman) and singer.

At first, the actor made fun of the subject and confirmed it Superman Yes I can win Captain America In the alleged affair with Shakira.

Although Chris Evans He said he did not know much about social networking sites and praised the coffee maker before the cameras. “I don’t spend much time on social media, but she’s amazing,” he said.

Similarly, the journalist asked him if he would maintain a relationship with his current ex-partner PQ And replied: “What if I go out with Shakira? Are you trying to connect with her? Maybe, but I’m not saying it on camera,” he said amidst laughter.

Last Wednesday, Chris Evans He met with reporters at the El Capitol Theater in Hollywood, California, and as expected, they did not miss the opportunity to ask him about the rumors.

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“Shakira started following you on social media, the internet has gone crazy! Have you met her yet? ” Asked the Universe reporter to the actor.

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“No, I’m never met her, but I’m a big fan,” he replied. Evans. “God, I’m so ashamed to be by her side, she’s so good at doing that,” the American added as to whether he would participate in a video. Shakira And moving the hips.

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