The Personality Rover made a friend on Mars

(CNN) – The diligent rover was friendly with a rock four months ago and they have been inseparable ever since.

During a tour of the Red Planet in early February, a rock fell on the rover’s left front wheel. Danger prevention left camera Of perseverance.

In four months, through the rough terrain, the rock has traveled more than 8.5 kilometers. He joined the mission during the Xerox Greater Exploration Campaign, the site of an ancient lake and river delta, where a team of NASA scientists examined rocks from what they refer to as the “Mass.”

Mars’ diligent rover has acquired a new cruise liner four months ago when a rock got stuck in its wheel while it was exploring Jessero Greater.

This boulder Perseverance is located north of the Octavia e. Before Butler returned west to the landing site, he headed for the remnants of the delta scientists known as the “Kodiak” and then to the western Jesiro Delta.

The Mars Rover’s current goal is to explore the sedimentary rocks around the delta region and drill centers. These rocks were formed billions of years ago, when there was water in the area. According to NASA.

The pet rock of perseverance moving on the wheel of the vehicle does not affect the functions, it remains to be seen how long the new friend of the robotic explorer will wander around.

If the rock falls and says goodbye to the rover, it will be far away from home, surrounded by strange and unknown rocks.

The pet rocks of Spirit and Curiosity

Curiosity was not the first Mars rover to adopt a pet rock.

The Spirit Rover, which was in operation from 2004 to 2010, had a potato-sized rock on its right rear wheel at the start of its voyage. The stone blocked the wheel, so NASA scientists had to open it.

The Curiosity rover is not new to the rocks looking for a ride and has had many rocks on its right front wheel for weeks. The rover began cruising the red planet in mid-2012 and is still there Is in process.

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