According to Mariotti, they are P.L.T.

Santo Domingo, R.D.

Charles Mariotti, general secretary of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), praised the participation and confidence shown in different party activities, which in his opinion reflects the “strength of the organization”.

“It is ready to face the onslaught against it and give continuity to the internal agenda aimed at the restructured and strengthened party,” Mariotti was quoted as saying in a message from the Purple Party’s communications secretariat.

Mariotti spoke at the launch of the second phase of the legislative assembly to implement the new corporate and electoral order, which took place early Saturday morning at the PLD at his national residence.

“When they attack us, they attack us on different fronts, they unite us more, they unite us more, they can’t be with us,” Mariotti testified at a meeting in Bonavo last Friday where ten leaders and members of the site were confident and willing to work.

In his words, Marioti outlined the tasks of PLD contacts in the provinces and municipalities, who are called upon to fill a transcendent role in party reorganization, building the necessary unity and commitment.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Assembly this Saturday, Charles Mariotti said, “Communications should carry a leadership without even trying in remote areas.”

The meeting was attended by the General Secretary of the PLD, the Vice Presidents of the PLD, Demistocles Montes and Juan Ariel Jimenez, as well as 23 members of the Political Committee, the provinces, and members of the Commission for the Implementation of the Institutional and Electoral Fortress, Ruben Pichara, Danilo. Thias, Armando Garcia, Johnny Pujols, Andres Navarro, Melanio Parades, Marino Colonde, Humberto Salasar and Milton Ginebra.

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