According to Magali Medina, the exact moment Christian Cueva entered and left Pamela Franco's house.

Christian Cueva and the exact moment he entered and left Pamela Franco's house. (Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)

In his latest broadcast Magali TV Law Firm This July 8, Driver Magali Medina He revealed the details of the footballer's movements Christian Cueva After he separated from the mother of his children Pamela Lopez. During the program, the journalist showed pictures and explained how the player tried to mislead the journalists after his truck appeared on his birthday. Pamela Franco.

As recalled, the ATV person mentioned that the press knew that the footballer entered the house of Christian Dominguez's ex-partner the day after his birthday. Although the media could not confirm it until it came to light, Magali obtained pictures and showed proof of the popular 'Quita''s car entering and exiting the venue in San Borja.

“Here we see a black Hyundai car with tinted windows pull into the parking lot of Pamela Franco's house. This car carried the Cueva,” commented Medina. “We were all journalists waiting outside and it seems they were waiting for the street to be free. When that didn't happen, they brought several cars to mislead and finally took Cueva out of the house in that vehicle,” he commented. Magali.

Christian Cueva and the exact moment he entered and left Pamela Franco's house. (Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)

The driver went on to explain that the car in question was headed to Chorrillos, specifically to the house of a friend of Cueva's, the owner of 'La Cueva del 10' cevicheria in El Agustino.

“Everyone knows what kind of friends they are. It seems that this friend gave Kiwa a house to stay in. He didn't stay in San Isidro, he was looking for a house, a place to stay, but there he stayed, and there he stayed in this house with a big gate,” he explained. Medina.

Finally, the journalist said that the truck that broke into Pamela Franco's party was also at the house, confirming that Cueva would have been at the birthday party. “There's the house in the background. He's stayed there and left in different cars. But Pamela Franco's party's car, lorry and van were still inside. That's all we've seen. In other words, we've checked 'Ceva' for you, but now it's not at that address. ” he concluded.

Christian Cueva and the exact moment he entered and left Pamela Franco's house. (Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)

Recently, Magali Medina He issued a new announcement about Christian Cueva and Pamela Franco, claiming they would have been together at the singer's house on July 3. Although the reasons for their meeting are unknown, the journalist assured that this is information that cannot be denied by the former partner of Christian Dominguez.

“It's not just the information in my plan, some people have said it very lightly, others have said it with better informed sources, but Cueva and Pamela, we have reasons that indicate that today, I don't know what time it was last night, I don't know if it was in the morning, but today they were together. Or they were together at Pamela Franco's house,” the spokesperson initially commented.

The situation escalated after cameras captured Cueva's truck entering Pamela Franco's 36th birthday party, just hours before the player released a statement announcing his split from wife Pamela Lopez.

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Magali He also revealed details of Franco's plans, noting a planned trip to Trujillo. “There was even a trip planned to Trujillo yesterday Tuesday, she was on a plane at 4:20 p.m. We don't know if she's going to Trujillo, to Huanzaco, or she wants to be. Going to Simpot,” he added.

Pamela Franco would have slapped Christian Cueva. (Photos: Instagram)

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