Meet those in charge of decorating the talents participating in the Sovereign Awards

After the cancellation in 2020, the scene of glamor and elegance by the most prominent celebrities will return Dominican Republic. Beyond guest artists, talents that are a part of Sovereignty Awards They are stunned with the costumes they wear during the ceremony.

They have given a taste of what is to come on social networks, with Clarissa Molina and Caroline Aquino overflowing with their charming outfits. Great Sovereign Night. Shining thanks to local talent providers and Dominican creators.

An experienced designer, stylist and makeup artist are responsible for expanding and producing the “overall look” of the Dominican Award’s art staff, all under the auspices of Selene Mendes.

As a general producer and costume director, he confirms that it is somewhat difficult to choose clothes from the main line of what is on the mind of general producer Rene Brie. Also, it brings together the ideas of many fashion artists and above all explains how talent wants to see itself for the award.

He ensures that this edition is full of the elegance, colors and personality of every celebrity on stage, especially in all music categories, especially the major presenters Caroline Aquino and Clarissa Molina.

The selection of fashion experts was made through the proposals of 22 designers based on the needs of Priya, who produced the event for the sixth time, considering only the genre of music. In the end 12 creators were selected.

This year the challenge is high, says Montez, due to the epidemic and the ethics to follow. “Working with this epidemic is an even bigger challenge. All employees must undergo several COVID trials each week, all the time wearing masks, physical distance and especially clothing.”

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As a result of this situation, the communicator and the former Miss Dominican Republic understand that fashion looks different. Luxury aside, notice now that people tend to wear the most elegant and colorful outfits.

These are responsible for what the skills look like:


Designers: Giannina Azhar, Hippalito Store, Leonardo Fifth Av.

Stylists: Socrates McKinney, Louis Manier and Rhodes Esperito, as well as Jonathan Sanchez and Fidel Cabrera.

The makeup movement is in charge with Elise Mesa and Masil Nina-make-up artist, and with other talents expressing their talents, the hairdressing movement is Lucy Perron.

“We have prepared a delivery with great love and humility. We hope our country can get it, thanks to their talent, for being the first in every professional or first time Soperano Awards, for their work and dedication, here we are all important, sticking a button with a design from the present, ”says the manager.

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