About Changing Vaccine Strategy: Essential Staff, Place Order! (True)

About Changing Vaccine Strategy: Essential Staff, Place Order! (True)

In February, two weeks after the start of the second phase of immunization, officials announced that only the elderly and the chronically ill could register on the computer platform for vaccination. As a result, tens of thousands of employees in key areas – enrolled in the second phase of vaccination – have been re-scheduled. Reason: We do not have enough serum. At the same time, the coordinator of the vaccination campaign, col.dr. Valerie Kerkik stressed that additional lists should be expanded with individuals who agree to be called for vaccination before the established schedule, in case, at the end of the day, the doses will be.

The tragedy of “Mattie Ballet” – what happened, who is to blame? The most important explanations about oxygen, installations, permits, cooling and controls – Interview with the hospital manager (SpotMedia.ro)

“If my resignation is the solution to what happened, then to the tragedy of January 29th, there is no problem. I am not related to that position, but I think I did everything I could in these 4 weeks,” says the manager of “Mattie Ballet” Hospital, Dr. Maria Ninescu, Appointed by Minister Tataru on December 22, 2020.

A Exclusive Interview According to SpotMedia.ro, Dr. Maria Ninescu said what happened on the morning of the tragedy, but said she had no explanation for the cause of the fire and was awaiting the outcome of the investigation.

The manager of “Matti Ballet” says that the hospital is not hot enough for sick people and in a few days its own plant for hot water and heat will start operating.

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At the same time, Dr. Maria Ninescu explained when and how the electrical installation was checked, the oxygen one, the status of the hospital’s BSI approvals, and what recommendations she received:

“There is a notice of action based on the validity, feasibility study and expertise of the Pavilion where the fire was. The work to be done on Pavilion 5 to accredit the BSI was not started due to the outbreak.”

Essential skier. A day after the tragedy of Glass Iones’ “Lesson”, “Mattie Ballet” (Freedom)

In a comment published in Libertadia, journalist Patrick Andre de Hiller accused President Glass Ioni of skiing.

“… … first dose, failed to humanize him, bring him closer to us …

You can’t be a full man, go to a place where a tragedy happened on Friday and go skiing on Saturday as if nothing had happened.

No one asked the president to walk in mourning to carry the ever-burning candle in memory of all the innocent victims in his two positions. But, I think, there are other reasonable expectations.

In one of them, SBP could not see him trembling on a slope that had previously been cleaned by other skiers and unsuitable bears …

With his skies of 1,000 euros, Klaus Iohanis, in defiance of his prime minister, who believes that budgeters get paid very well, teaches us an important lesson in times of crisis: not to mention all the deaths caused by state negligence and incompetence, which are harmful to us. Write PAH in Freedom.

Follow the money. How did George Myor get half a million lei from SNSPA to consolidate his doctoral degrees from Washington D.C. (Preson.R)?

George Meyer, Romania’s ambassador to the United States and former director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), has received about half a million lei over the past five years to co-ordinate seven doctoral students, which has been carried out over 8,000 kilometers, from Washington, D.C., since the fall of 2015 The city where he lives.

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The money has been transferred to his account for the past five years – since he served as ambassador to the United States – through the National School of Political and Administrative Sciences (SNSPA) since 2015 when the mayor has been a university professor and doctoral supervisor.

From October 2015 to September 2020, George Meyer had seven doctoral students in integration, but none of them completed their studies, although the law states that the deadline for obtaining a doctorate is three years.

By order of George Meyer, director of the Romanian Intelligence Service, the doctoral school of the SRI Academy was transformed into a real theft factory. Of the 82 studies preserved between January 2010 and December 2014, when the mayor was director of the service, no less than 42 were later reported to the CNADCU as theft, 38 of them even by the academy’s new leadership. To lose Journalist Emilia ercan.

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