About 10,000 Russians enlisted on the first day of partial mobilization

About 10,000 men enlisted in the ranks of the Russian army to be sent to Ukraine as part of the first day. Partial mobilization ordered by the Russian presidentVladimir Putin, the Russian military said Thursday.

“On the first day of partial mobilization at the Military Commissions, they voluntarily appeared nearby. 10,000 did not wait to receive their summonsVladimir Shimliansky, spokesman for the Russian Civil Service Mobilization Department, explained to Interfax.

By order of the President, 300,000 people will be mobilized.Although the independent press reported the existence of a secret clause allowing the army to call up one million people, this was immediately denied by the Kremlin.

The Army explained that snipers, tankers, gunners, drivers and mechanics will be prioritized in the mobilization in addition to other technicians and specialists. Regardless of your military rank.

In principle, these reservists, whose combat experience is valued, will be stationed not at the front, but at the rear of Russian-occupied territories in the Donbass and southern Ukraine.

They will be mobilized Privates and Sergeants not above 35 years of ageand officers under the age of 55, he noted.

Workers of military industrial establishments, parents of large families, dependents of the disabled and sick, and Russians permanently residing abroad are exempted.

A military spokesman insisted 120,000 conscripts were called up They will not participate in the military campaign in order to fulfill the mandatory military service in the fall.

They will not recruit students who have to study in person.
The peace movement Vesná (Spring) called another national protest against the mobilization on Saturday, and one on Wednesday resulted in more than 1,300 prisoners.

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According to activists, some of those arrested were given notices to appear at recruitment offices immediately.

Local press reported queues at the borders of Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia to leave Russia.

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