Abinader wants Cuba to attend US summit

Chancellor Louis Abinader said he would feel it “Happy” to take part If Cuba is the summit of the United States.

“The United States is the host country of this summit, and they have the power to invite anyone they deem fit. I hope Cuba has participated in this summit on other occasions and we are going to discuss what we need to do.Said the President.

In early May, the United States refused to invite governments Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela To the U.S. summit in Los Angeles in June, because he believes it “They don’t value Democracy “.

“The regimes of Cuba, Nicaragua and (Nicholas) Maduro do not respect the democratic constitution of the United States, so I do not expect their existence,” said Brian Nichols, the U.S. Undersecretary of State for Latin America and the Caribbean. EFE.

The Dominican leader added that he appreciated the US decision. However, he noted “If there is an opening during the global crisis, some countries would like to attend to speakOf those who unite us, leaving those who do not divide us apart, we agree and we will be happy to attend. “

He pointed out Ibero-American Summit In 2023, in addition to Latin American countries, Spain, Portugal and Andorra will be added.

“We are going to call all the countries because we have to decide what the summit is for, whether it is for democracy, to strengthen electoral issues or to talk about uniting us or dividing us,” he noted. When speaking on this topic.

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