Abinadar meets with the national leadership for the second time this afternoon to discuss the Haitian situation

Santo Domingo, RD.

President Louis Abinader met with Vice President Rahul Pena at his office in the National Palace on Monday, just hours before the meeting with the national leadership.

The purpose of the meeting with the national leadership was to discuss Haiti and the Immigration measures taken by the Dominican government, In view of the growing crisis in the neighboring country.

This second meeting is expected Monday at 3:00 p.m. It integrates the religious, business and social sectors of the country.

In the past, the President has summoned these figures urgently and briefed them on the steps taken in conjunction with the National Migration Council regarding the situation in Haiti. Implemented measures include Automatic visa renewal suspension for Haitian students And health care for undocumented foreigners.

While these meetings are taking place Tensions continue to rise on the Dominican-Haitian border. Dominican officials there have stepped up surveillance.

In the morning, a group of so-called “nationalists” took to the front lines of the National Palace to express their support for the Dominican government’s immigration measures.

Similarly, They said they were ready to defend national sovereignty “on any territory.”

As these “nationalists” went to the palace, an extensive security device was stopped at the site after information was received that a group of Haitians were going to stage a protest this Monday.

“Pay the necessary attention”

At the first meeting on November 5, Abinader pointed out, “Everyone agrees with the international community Pay the necessary attention To the social and economic situation of the neighboring country ”.

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Likewise, he pointed out that all of the participants were concerned.We must first preserve our physical integrity and take care of our resources, Focuses on our health infrastructure and national security issues ”.


There have been clashes on the streets in recent weeks, deepened by fuel shortages, which have paralyzed almost all public transport, and they have been abducted for two weeks. 16 U.S. citizens in an armed gang controlling Haiti.

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