Which city in Romania was included by The Independent as one of the best places to visit in 2021?

British daily The Independent The list of places to visit in 2021 includes Timisoara

The list, compiled by British journalists, includes Jஸ்res de la Frontera (Spain), Rijeka (Croatia), Wrocலாaw (Poland), Chad (France), Lahti (Finland), D டுsseldorf, (Germany), Cork (Ireland), and Prague (Portugal). ) And Timisora ​​(Romania). These were or will be European cultural capitals.

“Another European cultural capital, this time for 2023 (it should hold the title next year, but its order was postponed due to an epidemic). You may not have heard of the largest city in western Romania, but it is all the more fascinating. Sometimes called Little Vienna They have lost their identity due to its separatist architecture, its rich history and mix of cultures. Romans, Tartars, Turks, Austrians and Germans can be recognized in the style of the city. It already hosts music and theatrical performances throughout the year, but in the next few years the cultural offer will undoubtedly increase in an environment that is preparing for the dictates of European cultural capital, ”writes The Independent.

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