Abinadar having lunch with Haitian journalists at the National Palace

Santo Domingo, R.D.

Republican President Louis Abinader shared with a group of Haitian journalists who visited the country this Saturday, the Dominican Presidency said in a statement this afternoon.

“The first president shared with Haitian journalists that he had the opportunity to express some concerns to the Dominican president,” the statement from the President of the Dominican Republic said.

Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez was present at the exchange; Farooq Miguel, Dominican Ambassador to Haiti and Jose Singer, Special Adviser to President Abinader. It was lunch at the National Palace.

The exchange between the communicators and the Dominican president took place in the framework of a lunch, in which he and

Haitian journalists who attended the meeting included Valerio Sidi Liquid, Carey Altidore, Yves Nary Chanel, Barbara St. Louis, Pierre Renel Rene, Cuometre Wedelin and McAux Carl Kaus.

Thambian Mary Lucy Bonhome, Herol Jean Francois, Jack Drociers, Rosild Francois Jr., Y. Lagner Garrett, Narcissus Garcia, Lucinda Cossacknol, Woodline Science-Dick, Whittle Mercury, Patricia.

Dominican journalist Fosto Rosario, who was in charge of coordinating the meeting, also attended; Mercedes Castillo, President of the Dominican College of Journalism, Gustavo Olivo, Ramon Colombo, Altacracia Salazar, Ana Midila Lora, Atalberto Grolan, German Marte, Millison Eurip, Welcome Sharboy, Victor Pizarro and Jose Louis were in attendance.

Former Haitian Ambassador Edwin Barrison also attended the meeting.

“During a meeting with Haitian journalists, President Abinader expressed his interest in maintaining good relations between the two countries,” the statement said.

He was also open to maintaining a channel to communicate with Haitian newspapers at all times.

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Haitian spokesmen thanked the Dominican president for his willingness to accept the offer and finally presented him with a gift.

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