A young man celebrates an anniversary with his girlfriend; She rented the dress

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TikTok He regularly gives stories to talk about on social networks, which instantly go viral because they are strange, like what happened to a couple. They celebrated their first anniversary Male friends.

user Javier Munoz (@javiermunozs) is an arrangement Dating his girlfriend For their first wedding anniversary celebration, it created anticipation for the girl Didn’t come as expected.

What happened was captured on video on TikTok He took his girlfriend out for dinner And she prepared herselfwearing a dressIt shows how excited she was.

“Today we celebrate one year of dating and I invited my girlfriend to dinner. She puts on makeup and rents a dress. I took her to a place Super romantic place”, Javier put in a video showing his partner organizing.

The woman appears with a Green dresshey Well madeA sit down taqueria table Her face shows disappointment because she was expecting a more elegant place and then her boyfriend focuses on revealing where they were.

Comments immediately came on social networks: “The best date is on tacos”, “Whatever the location, the thing should be elegant”, “Great place bro, you have shown”, “Why is this so normal? Less than a Madrid shirt or a Liverpool ”,“You take me there and I will marry you”, “That’s true love”, “He’s already won with you, what more can you ask for”.

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