A very useful feature of Google “copying” from Apple is changing the way you use the Internet

With iOS 14, Apple has created waves of outrage on social networks. Now, Google wants to do the same. This is a very important decision, how Google knows you, as an online user, earns billions of dollars from how it profiles you.

In short, with iOS 14.5, it forces users to ask if they want to allow online tracking of all the apps in the Apple Store. Facebook is the biggest company, Because by manipulating it manages to deliver very effective ads.

While Apple and Facebook are in this scandal, Google is operating on a similar option. So, with Android 12, apps may be limited to specification rights. Users will be asked whether or not to allow online tracking. However, since this is not official news, there are still some subtleties.

Apple’s solution is very straightforward, meaning it blocks the tracking function on Facebook’s accessible sites or other applications, and Google may access it differently, Bloomberg. This approach may make developers less upset.

The solution is already in Chrome, in the privacy sandbox. Individual users are not monitored, but can customize ads based on group navigation methods with common interests.

Why Google works differently from Apple

Of all the big companies in Big Tech, Apple depends on profile and advertising. This is also the explanation for why Siri is a less efficient digital assistant than Google Assistant or Alexa.

Apple relies on sales of devices and profits from the sale of services for those devices. Google, on the other hand, relies on advertising, and it “knows” users well. That’s why Android is such an important component, as there is search on all Android phones, regardless of who makes them.

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Let’s see what prepares for the new version of Android. Until then, there is an advantage to Apple in terms of online privacy and privacy.

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