A sensational save from Rougier prevents a half-time marathon winner against Modagua in Comayagua!


Welcome to the minute by minute match between Motagua – Marathon!

Final of the first half in Comagua!

Four. Five’: Two minutes are added to the first half.

44′: Giant, rude! Damien Ramirez’s header was sensational, but Jonathan Rougier made a brilliant save. The ball sent him to the corner kick.

41′: New mistake in favor of Modagua. Marcelo Santos gets a stomp from “Pajarito” Aguilera.

38′: After Juan Carlos Obregon’s foul on “Celito” Martinez, Luis Mejia pointed out a foul in favor of Marathon.

35′: How close! Jonathan Nunes completed the marathon goal. However, Alan Panegas saves the “greens” again.

31′: Marcelo Santos makes a timely sweep and sends the ball for a corner kick.

28′: “Cyclone” foul against Modagua after a foul on Wesley Degas on the left side.’

24′: Attention: Corner shot in favor of Marathon.

twenty one’: Marathon saved! Diego Rodriguez’s shot was brilliantly crossed by Alan Panegas.

19′: “Zapatilla” Mejia launched a cross from the right, but the ball was caught by goalkeeper Cesar Samudio.

16′: Clayvin Zúniga is clearly ahead and the marathon misses a great opportunity.

14′: Aha! Alan Panegas shoots well from outside the area but Joanna Rougier dominates the ball twice.

12′: Francisco Martinez takes a free kick from midfield in favor of Marathon.

8′: Change in Motagua.

Enter: Juan Carlos Obregon.

Out: Roberto Moreira.

7′: Marathon missed it! Clave’s Zunica Motagua misses with a header in front of goal.

6′: Attention! “Kit” falls close to the Guevara area. Luis Mejia takes a free kick on the edge of the Motagua area.

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5′: Jonathan Nunez tries to open up the left wing but his pass is misdirected.

2′: UFFFFFFF! Luis Vega clears Motagua’s dangerous move from the left wing. The ball arrived with more venom in the marathon area.

Competition begins in Comayagua!

5:50 p.m: Players enter the field of action for the opening whistle of the game.

5:45 PM: Motagua and the Marathon players return to the dressing room.

5:40 p.m: Under-20s Isaac Castillo, Odin Ramos and Javier Arriaga will miss the remainder of the championship after joining the Baikal squad.

5:35 PM: The Carlos Miranda Stadium is empty with 25 minutes to go before the game’s opening whistle.

5:30 p.m: Football players from Modagua and Marathon jump into the action to do some pre-match work.

5:25 PM: Modagua will be without Eddy Hernandez and “Chino” Lopez due to an accumulation of yellow cards.

5:17 PM: Marathon 11 start: César Samudio; Andre Orellana, Francisco Martinez, Luis Vega, Clavin Zuniga, Selwyn Guerra, Jose Aguilera, Tamin Ramirez, Alan Panegas, Felix Crissando and Gilmer Pena.

5:15 PM: Modagua starting 11: Jonathan Rougier; Marcelo Santos, Marcelo Pereira, Carlos Melendez, Wesley Degas, Jonathan Nunez, Juan Angel Delgado, Diego Rodriguez, Carlos Mejia, Lucas Campana and Roberto Moreira.

5:10 PM: To reach international competition, the Blues need to be champions, and for that they need to start with a marathon beating in the playoffs.

5:05 PM: Motagua arrived at the tournament after a 1-1 draw against Honduras Progresso on the final day of the regular season, a tie that prevented the Hurricanes from qualifying for the Central American Cup.

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5:00 PM: The winners of the Clausura 2023 tournament of the National League begin. This Wednesday Modagua receives the Marathon at the Carlos Miranda de Comayagua stadium.

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A Marathon The one who comes with the same illusion comes from defeating the Greens Real community 1-0 and need a good first leg to close out the key at the stadium Yankel Rosenthal Next Sunday.

It should be noted that in case of a tie in the global score, the competition will be decided in a penalty shoot-out and not in ranking position.

This will be the second time Motagua And Marathon Faces were found in a repechage, the first was in 2013-14 ends Where Purslane wins, it’s according to data from Ismail Ramos.

That year, the Esmeraldas beat the Cyclones 2-1 in the first leg Kevin Espinoza And Diego ReyesBy Motagua Made the target Omar Elvir. The return ended 0-0 and with a ticket to Marathon.

Hours: 6:00 p.m
Dispatch: TVC (Channel 5)

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