The duo and Anshu Fotti have returned from Real Madrid


The return of young Barcelona striker Anshu Fotti is big news for Spain’s squad for the National League against Portugal, the Czech Republic and Switzerland, coach Luis Enrique Martinez announced on Monday.

Anshu Fathi, who returned to action on May 1 after recovering from an injury on January 20, is the latest addition to Lucho’s list with a video recorded at the Red Museum.

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The 19-year-old Barசாa striker, who has been sidelined with injuries, has not returned to the national team since November 2019.

“He’s not yet a starter at his club and we’m not going to take any risks,” Luis Enrique warned at a news conference Monday, making it clear he would take care of the young attack.

“Charging him in minutes is really more of a gift than a purpose. When we see what he can give in training, we will try to get him to participate, basically, without any risk,” the Spanish coach explained.

“We want to see him train, give him an award and give him the confidence that he’s an important player. He’s regaining his confidence and he’s back to his position,” Louis Enrique added.

Sergio Busquets also returns to the payroll, with Luis Enrique deciding to rest in the previous international window, as did Liverpool midfielder Diego Alcondara, who was a little worried about him.

Diego was unable to finish Sunday’s last day of the English League, with Liverpool winning 3-1 at Wolverhampton and doubt to play in the Champions League final against Real Madrid on Saturday.

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“We talked to the player and, in principle, it’s not serious, so we called him, knowing he has the final ahead of him, he’s having a great season,” said Luis Enrique.

– ‘Looking forward’ –

“In this case he’s coming to the finals, can he come and play?

Luis Enrique has added Real Madrid winger Marco Asensio, who has not worn a national shirt since November 2019.

“It’s true that he does not play much on his team, but I always say that it’s important for me to see him at the club, but what they do when they come with us is very important,” said Luis Enrique.

On the other hand, he could not count injured players like Petrie or Michael Oyersball, who are usually appointed to the position of national coach.

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Spain will play in four qualifying rounds for the final of the League of Nations over the next two weeks.

They will face Portugal in Seville on June 2, three days later they will face the Czech Republic in Prague, on June 9 they will face Switzerland in Geneva and on June 12 they will close this international window against the Czech Republic in Malaga.

La Roja, who fell 2-1 in the final against France last October, are currently second in the tournament.

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