A second truck overturned in La Parade and fell on top of an overturned lorry in the early hours of the morning.

This Friday afternoon, a truck driver loaded with “glue” imported from Colombia tried to climb “La Parade” and after “sliding” three times on the sidewalk, he could not control the weight. The truck was traveling through El Vallado on the road between Urena and San Pedro de Rio in Tachira state when it crashed into another overturned truck in the early hours of the morning.

By Luz Darry DePablos / Correspondent lapatilla.com

“The gradient in that section is 15% and it has two ridges with an approximate gradient of 23%,” explained Alberto Moncada, a driver who frequently travels through the area.

Likewise, in the La Victoria sector, between the municipalities of Pedro María Urena and Ayacucho, the road is severely damaged and is at risk of collapsing when the rains start again, he said. Almost two meters lower, as a result of a nearby pond, affecting the pavement due to lack of maintenance.

Moncada pointed out that this is the route where imported goods are transported to the states of Mérida, Zulia and Trujillo. “For coal, before they send it in one truck, now three trucks have to pass the same amount, for fear of it tipping over, as happened in the last few hours,” Moncada said.

“Others, to avoid this road, through the El Coroso sector, then towards Rubio, turn to San Cristóbal and change the route to Colon”, which means 8 additional hours, and increased freight costs. , taking into account the presence of faults in this route as well.

Transport workers hope that the relevant authorities will take quick action before the start of the rainy season to prevent accidents.

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A gondola loaded with cargo imported from Colombia overturned on its way to “La Parade Vieja” in Tachira.

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