‘Cueva de las Monas’, an archaeological treasure

Chihuahua.- The tourist site known as “Cueva de las Monas”, one of the most important archaeological treasures of the state and Mexico, is now open to the public after months of restoration work by the National Institute of Anthropology. History (INAH), reported to Directorate of Economic Development and Competitiveness.

The site is located at kilometer 38.5 from the Chihuahua to Juárez highway, west of the street to Colonia Guahtemoc, which stands out as the most important archaeological site in Chihuahua. Two thousand years.

This historical and natural complex offers a unique experience to visitors who can appreciate the cultural and archaeological wealth of the region.

There are human figures, plants, animals, tools and some representations of mythology such as the giants who lived in this area in ancient times; In addition, many rituals such as peyote scraping, the advent of Christianity and consecration events.

Also, it is a good place for those who love hiking, as the visit is on foot and always with a guide.

According to INAH, the site has been fueled by new ideas and observations about the antiquity of the paintings and the group or groups that painted them, which has led to conflicting interpretations, essentially giving creativity to the artists of the cave. chart. First interpretations argued that the Congos Indians were the creators of most of the paintings, but as a result of new discoveries, we believe that the Tarahumara Indians were responsible for a large number of paintings. At least three pictorial stages have been argued for Cueva de las Monas: Archaic, around 500 years after Christ; Colonization between the 17th and 18th centuries; as well as Apache status in the 19th century.

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This archaeological site opens its doors 365 days a year. To schedule a tour guide, you may contact Fernando Barrio at (614) 285-93-19 and/or contact a local tour operator.

For a panoramic view of the majesty of Cueva de las Monas, we invite you to access the following link: https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=tytapsdvudx.

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