A Saudi opposes traffic violations … “Shawarma, not a mobile device”! – Mix

A Saudi man who was fined for using a mobile phone while driving has filed an interesting objection to a picture taken by the “Sahar” organization in Jeddah, pointing out that he eats a shawarma sandwich and did not use a mobile phone.

One of the Saudi accounts on “Twitter” posted a picture of an objection to the breach, in which the person said in the objection section: “Shawarma, not a mobile device.”

It is noteworthy that Saudi traffic law imposes fines on those who prove they used mobile phones while driving, and the value of this fine ranges from a minimum of 500 riyals to 900 riyals, as violations are found through the Sahar system. Violation does not double to its highest level except for the decision of the competent groups and the reasons for it.

The Saudi Interior Ministry has imposed 6 conditions for the implementation of the service to combat reported violations:

First: The protester must be registered and executed on the Interior Ministry portal.

Second: The violation can be objected to within 30 days from the date of registration.

Third: Violations registered by the Saher organization can only be contested.

Fourth: Paid violations and paid traffic violations cannot be resisted. Before starting the service, the main offices in the cities can be sent to the Department of Public Transport.

Fifth: In order to avoid the maximum value of the violation, payment must be made after the objection.

Sixth: Each violation can only be appealed once.


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