A quick guide to freeing up memory space

Managing space in Google Photos, Gmail, and Drive helps optimize the performance of your technology devices

In the digital age, managing space storage It has become an essential task. As the amount of data we generate increases every day, it is essential to optimize our cloud services to maintain order and efficiency.

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Today, millions of people choose to use them Google services, including your web browser and Drive, your cloud storage system. The latter is known for its ability to save documents, photos, and other files, facilitating access and collaboration from any Internet-connected device.

next to, Google images, a stand-alone tool, plays a crucial role in visualizing and organizing our memories. However, it's important to remember that space is not infinite, and emails, photos, documents, and other items consume memory. That's why, here's a quick guide to free up space in Google Photos, Gmail, and Drive:

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Google images

  1. To manage Google Photos, start by adjusting your image quality settings to “Provide storage”. This will help reduce file sizes without compromising too much on quality.
  2. Remove duplicates and blurry images: Use the cleaning feature to automatically remove blurry or duplicate photos and videos that take up unnecessary space.
  3. Space management: Regularly review and delete photos and videos that you no longer need. You can do this manually or use the “Free Up Space” option within the app to save only compressed versions of your media.
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If you have already started managing your files, Delete and save only what is necessaryThe first step is to check how much space you're actually using. If you're nearing your limit, here are some effective strategies to avoid running out of space:

  1. A good idea is to create Massive cleaning of your inbox. Start by going to the Promotions and Social tabs, select all emails and delete them.
  2. Delete old emails: Review and delete old or unwanted emails. You can search by date, sender, or size to make cleaning easier.
  3. empty the trash: Make sure to empty your Gmail trash regularly to permanently delete deleted emails.

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Google Drive is perfect for Document storage files, but they can also fill up quickly. Here are some tips:

  1. Organize and delete files: Navigate to the folders and files you no longer need and delete them. You can use the search tool to find large or old files that you can delete to free up space.
  2. Use Google One (If necessary): Consider upgrading your account to Google One to get more storage space if you need to keep important files.

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