“A night of salsa 11”: La Sonora Ponceña El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico Celebs NNDC | Eye view

It comes with everything and starts with a special edition on Saturday 5th February afternoon at the National Stadium with all life safety protocols.

Beginning at the University of Salsa, the music stage will be created by some of the world’s most important groups and singers with their live performances: Great combo of Puerto Rico and La Sonora Poncena.

Comes from Colombia Grubo Nich, and Cuba’s representative, Timba Alexander Abrew and Havana D’Primera’s great president. Who is the first time at a big event in Lima.

Salsa’s love, Tony Vega joins Amy Gutierrez at the event with his best classic and his latest single “Tú y Yo”; In turn, the Dominican statue of Raulin Rosento will sing his hit songs and his new song Jaberko with “Uno Se Kura” on the National Stage for the first time.

The new value of the Puerto Rican salsa recently caused a stir with the opening of the Gilberto Santa Rosa tour in the United States. Gerardo Rivas (son of Jerry Rivas) brings with him his hit “Happy” and Cavan Vega, another value of the new Puerto Rican generation “Ya Se Agabo”.

The billboard for this traditional salsa festival was completed by Frankie Ruiz Jr., who will be releasing a 13-song DVD produced by Diego Gayle in Miami in February; Y Maelo Ruiz is giving the final touches to his new album which has many guests.

It is noteworthy that 4 best national bands and solos line up in the front room. Tickets for “A Salsa Night 11” Available till January 3 with 20% discount on any payment .

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