A New York Times editorial calls on Joe Biden to resign his candidacy to “serve the country.”

Newspaper The New York TimesIn an editorial, he asked US President Joe Biden this Friday to resign his bid to continue leading the White House. Donald Trump.

“To serve his country, President Biden should drop out of the race“, the newspaper in its analysis, exposed”weaknesses“In The candidate, 81 years old, was “reduced by the age factor“. In that sense, it is noteworthy that the president “hesitated on several occasions, uttered disconnected phrases and introduced false data” in his presentation.

“It's a huge gamble to expect Americans to overlook or dismiss Mr. Biden's age and frailty,” the outlet highlighted, while also taking responsibility to make clear that the Democratic Party's claim was not a compliment. Trump, but quite the opposite: They consider him a public enemy.

Regarding Biden, despite his critical tone, the Times highlighted: “He has been an admirable president. Under his leadership, the country has prospered and is beginning to address many long-term challenges, as well as wounds opened by Trump, thanks to him, are beginning to heal.”

At present, however, the press assumes that the president “The man he was four years ago is no more.” He “failed to convince the American people” during the debate.

“The greatest public service Biden can do right now is to announce he won't run for re-election,” the Times pointed out about the upcoming Nov. 5 elections.

The New York Times also pointed to the “danger” of Donald Trump's return to the US presidency.

Donald Trump wants to return to the office of the President of the United States. Photo by Parker Michels-Boyce/Bloomberg.

In the same way, the newspaper had harsh adjectives for the former president of the White House between 2017 and 2021. It called him “an erratic, self-serving individual unworthy of public trust and a candidate defined by his lies”.

“It's a tragedy that Republicans themselves didn't do any deep soul-searching after the debate (…) He blatantly and repeatedly lied about his own actions, his record as president, and his opponent,” the paper concluded.

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