Two House Republicans expect CNN to have at least 140 House Republicans vote against counting votes

President Donald Trump’s Republican allies have zero chance of reversing the decision, a few hours delay in making sure Biden is inevitably the election college winner and next president.

As confirmed by dozens of judges, governors, election officials, the Electoral College, the judiciary, the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Supreme Court, there are no credible allegations that there is any problem with voting. But Trump is adamant that he has not lost – substantially what he has done – and that many GOP politicians share his illusion or fear that will provoke his anger – even if he votes to undermine democracy.

Both a councilor and a senator must object when Congress votes are counted. Sen. of the Republican Party of Missouri He would object, Which will force lawmakers in both the House and the Senate to vote on whether to accept the outcome of Fiden’s victory. Other senators – including incoming individuals – who have personally urged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell not to do Republicans – may still join the effort.

Trump has been pushing for Congress to try to change the outcome of the election, as his campaign attempts to thwart the election through the courts have been repeatedly rejected.

Nebraska Sen. Ben Sauce Spoke In a Facebook post Wednesday night against that strategy – and the complicity of some of his GOP colleagues – urges Republicans to “reject” the attempt to oppose the certification process.

“The president and his allies are playing with fire,” he wrote. “They are first asking the courts, then the state legislatures, now the Congress – to overturn the outcome of the presidential election. They have successfully summoned the judges and now called on federal office officials to invalidate millions and millions of votes. If you make big claims, you have the best evidence. But the election Neither the president nor the institutional firebrand members of Congress who oppose the college referendum. “

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Representatives are among a dozen Republicans who have already publicly stated they will vote against counting votes next week. Mo Brooks of Alabama, Jodie Hayes of Georgia, Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey and Joe Wilson of South Carolina are spearheading the effort.

The group includes eight Republican legislators from Pennsylvania who announced their intentions in a joint statement earlier Thursday.

Several incoming Republican lawmakers have stated opposition to the certification process, including Georgia’s elected representatives Marjorie Taylor Green, Madison Cowthorn of North Carolina, Lauren Bobert of Colorado and Diana Harshberger of Tennessee.

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