A new love triangle? After declaring her bachelorhood, Kareli Ruiz is spotted with Sebastian Rulli at the airport

“I’m happy and single and in love with life”, something like this Kareli Ruiz It is through and through its social networks Influencers He admitted dating a few days ago The Santa Fe Klan It seems the rapper’s taste didn’t last long; Now the only song they recorded together is the one they’re billing for: “Cheps.” Although the message is given by TikTokWhere it is clearly stated that it is not her voice, she confirms that her return to solitude is real.

Despite the confusion caused by the news, the Nuevo Leon, now Monterey native, has once again stirred the hornet’s nest. Sebastian Rolly. “Normal, at the airport,” she wrote in the publication, where she was seen happy and in front of the actor, who smiled a lot for the 22-year-old’s phone camera.

Karely Ruiz admits to going out with the Santa Fe clan (Photo: IG @karelyruiz)

From a celebrity standpoint, it seems Kareli Ruiz He remembers what it would be like to ask a person for a photo because they didn’t hug each other and there were no comments on their part. However, the film raised all kinds of comments from internet users.

Kareli Ruiz next to Sebastian Rulli (Photo: Facebook)

What was the internet’s reaction?

First Kareli Ruiz They became known as “Panini Chick$%&” because of the comparison they made Carla Waitress, now he brings a reputation for downplaying heroism to friends and girls in general. In this case, they assumed that after doing “evil”. Maya Nasser with The Santa Fe Klanrelationship Angelic Pier can be at risk.

“Someone’s going to be single now, and it won’t be you Kareli”, “Angelique Boyer is going to wake up Teresa (soap opera)”, “I don’t think so, and then it was watched and aired. Pier And Rolly They have a lot of faith as a couple”, “haaaaaay noohoo people and their inappropriate thoughts”, were some of their comments in the publication.

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Kareli Ruiz stranded at airport (Photo: Facebook)

It should be noted that Argentina has not yet expressed any opinion on the matter Kareli Ruiz She limited herself to tagging him from her Instagram stories. He will have a show in the next few days live He spoke about his experience with the actor from the airport, where he was stranded for a long time.

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