A married couple hid their lottery winnings from their children for years to keep themselves “down to earth”

One of the greatest feelings you can experience in your life is that you can become one someday Big lottery prize News you’ll undoubtedly want to share with the people you trust the most.

In fact, expert lottery lawyers, the first thing they recommend is that you try to be discreet and not go around screaming on the rooftops that you won the lottery, so you better Discuss it only with the closest nucleus of your family.

Thinking of this, you will certainly count on your fingers the people with whom you will share the news; You will probably tell your parents, partner and children.

But not everyone thinks alike, and for that we have a case A British couple, Sarah and Alden Ibbetson, win a major lottery jackpot and decide to keep it a secret for years so their children won’t find out.

It was 2002 when the Ibbitsons They won a prize equivalent to 3.8 million dollars. The money, which at the time fell from the sky, because Sarah, a dentist, was on maternity leave, having just given birth to her daughter.

“We were at home watching the draw live on TV and initially thought we had 5 numbers, before we sent a text later and realized we had all 6 numbers. It was surreal. We were skeptical until we confirmed it,” the woman recalled.

The family with the prize has already moved to Ilkley and in 2014 they built their own house with 5 bedrooms and a very innovative kitchen-dining room with stone furniture. Likewise, they have invested part of their lottery prize in a new vehicle license plate manufacturing company called Number One Plates.

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Contrary to what happens with the majority of millionaire lottery winners, these parents decided to continue living a very comfortable life, and even made the decision not to tell their children about their situation until they were old enough to understand why they were injured. Luck meant it, because what they wanted was to remain humble and with their feet on the ground.

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