A genetic company wants to update the wool mummy

A new company dedicated to genetic manipulation was born with a grand purpose: to save elephants from extinction and to revive extinct woolly mammoths.

Colosseum – whose name could not be more appropriate for the purpose – was founded by geneticist George Church and businessman Ben Lam. With an initial investment of $ 15 million, he aims to revive the controversial mammoth Genetic modification.

This idea has been under development for many years by Church and Colossus, as an organization, it will allow the project to progress faster because it will have more resources at hand. According to Colosseum, the scientific and technical part has already been resolved, and now it is only a matter of measuring the initiative.

“Mammoth is almost an elephant,” he says. Colossal website. The company claims that the Asian elephant is the most genetic animal with the mammoth, and that the two lived at the same time.

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However, the African elephant was chosen to revive the uncle for a number of reasons. One of them is that it is less endangered than the Asian elephant. Being even larger, it is difficult for an African-speaking deer to obtain a hybrid elephant from its Asian cousin by conceiving a fetus.

Colossal says he will have the first living mammoth calves in six years, sounds even more optimistic for a project like this. If Mamat lived on earth as before, the Climate change Since these animals help keep the Arctic environment in good condition, it can be reduced.

Beyond good intentions, everything Colossal says sounds like science fiction because this project is very similar to the prototype Jurassic Park: Take DNA from extinct animals and create them using the genes of their current close relatives. There is not a good result in the work of Michael Crichton and it is hard to imagine that there is a different rule for this project.

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