A delegation from the Chavista regime has arrived in Mexico to resume dialogue with the Venezuelan opposition.

A Chavista delegation headed by Jorge Rodriguez is in Mexico City this Friday

Representatives of the Nicolás Maduro regime in Venezuela arrived in Mexico City this Friday to sign. “Social Contract” As part of political talks with the Venezuelan opposition, which have been suspended for more than a year.

Talks between Chavismo and the opposition, organized by the Kingdom of Norway, have resumed after months of reserved meetings between the parties, making it clear that the United States has a role. Chevron Oil Company Taking a broader role in Venezuela’s energy sector depends on his return to talks in Mexico.

Chavista delegation led by Jorge RodriguezThe President of the National Assembly, which is controlled by the regime, and the Leader of the Opposition he leads Gerardo FlyteThey plan to sign a “social contract” on Saturday, which according to a representative of Nicolás Maduro’s government creates a “practical mechanism to address important social needs” in Venezuela.

“We are keen that our issues should be resolved through discussion and dialogue (…). Within the framework given to us by the Constitution”, Rodriguez said when he arrived in Mexico with his nine-member delegation, that changed. Among them is Camila Fabbri, wife of Colombian-born businessman Alex Chapp.

File photo of Alex Sapp and his wife Camilla Fabbri
File photo of Alex Sapp and his wife Camilla Fabbri

Chapin’s deportation, in October 2021, traveled from Cape Verde to the United States on money-laundering charges, angering the Maduro regime and suspending negotiations. Since then, Chavismo has demanded his release.

The Speaker of the Savista Parliament said the agreement seeks to address issues in the provision of public services such as electricity, health and schools. International Financial SystemBut it did not give details on the amounts or timelines for receiving the funds, which will be administered by the UN.

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Maduro said Thursday night That conversation will “depend Recover allocated resources To invest in the town. Then we will see what other things we can talk about with this opposition party”.

Enemies see a way through conversations Get out of the crisis With the final contract to go “Free and fair” elections A presidential election is scheduled for 2024.

The opposition delegation is expected to arrive on Friday night.

FILE PHOTO: Gerardo Flyte with Jorge Rodriguez in Mexico City on September 27, 2021
FILE PHOTO: Gerardo Flyte with Jorge Rodriguez in Mexico City on September 27, 2021

Representatives of the Chavista dictatorship and the opposition will resume talks two weeks later. They met in Paris At a roundtable to resolve the Venezuela crisis.

The roundtable was attended by Jorge Rodríguez and Gerardo Plait, representative of an opposition bloc called the Unitary Platform, formed by members of a group that has tried to negotiate with representatives of the Maduro dictatorship in Mexico in 2021.

Through dialogue, Maduro seeks to gain everything Obstacles It weighs on his administration and senior officials, including himself.

The opposition, for its part, said in a statement that it “comes to dialogue with urgency and willingness, once and for all, to find concrete and genuine agreements.” Solutions to humanitarian crises”; In particular “conditions guaranteeing inter alia and the construction of institutions, Free and visible elections”.

Norway’s attempt to participate as a promoter is seen by many as similar to the failed attempt in 2019. International community A reason to move towards a hope A peaceful and negotiated exit Political, Social and Economic Crisis in Venezuela.

(With information from Reuters)

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