71.35% of Ecuador’s population voted by 4:30 p.m .; CNE is already releasing the general results of the second round | Politics | News

Users can check general results on the CNE page.

Ecuador ended at 5:00 pm with a second round of similar elections, in which the new head of state will be elected. Diana Atmint, chairwoman of the National Electoral Council (CNE), announced that 71.35% of Ecuador’s population had gone to the polls at 4:30 pm

Atamind pointed out that in the first two and a half hours of the election process, 100% of the voting boards had been installed and 12.5% ​​of the voters had already cast their ballots.

Similarly, he also announced the launch of election data transfer.

“In this sense, it is the commitment of the country to continue to disseminate and process all minutes without hindrance on the 24 Provincial Electoral Boards and the Special Committee on Foreign Affairs,” he said.

On election day, long lines of voters were no longer visible outside most polling stations, however, there were events that required police intervention.

In Bajon (Manape), two women were arrested because one voter allegedly tried to vote with another’s identity card, with the help of the head of the voting committee.

In Toshagua, Magdalena DeVolos scored three votes in favor of the relatives of the 16th men’s voting board chairman in the education constituency. (I)

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