Abinader says members of the Chamber of Accounts will be chosen with transparency

Santo Domingo, R.D.

Louis Abinader promised this Sunday that they would elect members of the Chamber of Accounts, with the same criteria for choosing an independent justice.

The President said that at the meeting of the Political Commission of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), the members of the Chamber of Accounts would be elected with the transparency of the election of judges of the High Courts.

Like PRM leader Jose Ignacio Polisa, Abinadar assured all party colleagues that he would have a chance within his administration.

In his speech, the state president also addressed some of the goals achieved during the first presidency of the PRM.

Abinader also pointed out that in May, the “Get Yours” program would double the amount provided with the “Eat First” program in March.

He also had the opportunity to recognize Hibalito Mejia, a former president of the Republic and a member of the PRM.

The meeting was attended by Abinadar and PRM President, Republican Vice President Raquel Pena.

Similarly, officials include the party’s vice president Roberto Bulgar and general secretary Carolina Mejia.

Election of the Chamber of Accounts

The Republican Senate last week extended the deadline for a special commission to read out the list of chambers of accounts to issue a report with names that could create a new full session of the oversight committee.

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